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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Anne Wentworth9, Sophia. and Charlotte Fermor, and Camilla Bennet10; Miss Pelham11 (Lord! how ugly she is!); Misses Walpole, Leneve12, Churchill13, Parsons, Mac-cartny, Pultney14, Mary Townshend15, Newton, and Brown. The men, Lord John Sackville15, Lord Ancram17, Holderness, AshburnhamI8, Howard19, Hartington and Castlehaven20; Mr. Colebrook, Poulett, Churchill21, two Townshends22, Parsons, Vernon, Carteret23, Colonel Maguire, and a Sir William Boothby2i. For the rest of the company you shall see the list when you come to town. Lord and Lady Euston
9  Lady Henrietta  Alicia  Wentworth,   fourth   daughter   of   first Marquis of Eockingham; m. (1764) William   Sturgeon,   her   footman. Lady Anne   Wentworth   (d.  1769), eldest daughter of first Marquis of Eockingham;   m.   (1744)   William Fitzwilliam, third Earl Fitzwilliam in. Ireland, afterwards created an English earl.
10  Only daughter of second Earl of Tankerville; m. 1. Gilbert Fane Fleming; 2. Mr. Wake.
11  Catherine,  eldest daughter  of Hon.    Henry   Pelham   (afterwards Prime Minister); m. (1744) her cousin,   Henry Fiennes-Clinton,  ninth Earl of Lincoln, who succeeded his uncle (1768) as second Duke of Newcastle; d, (as Countess of Lincoln) 1760.
12  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Peter Le Neve;  m. Vice-Admiral  Hugh Pigott.
13  See note on letter  to  Mann, Nov. 2, 1741.
14  Probably the only daughter of William Pulteney, afterwards Earl of Bath.
15  Third daughter of second Viscount Townshend ;   m. (1763) Hon. Edward   Cornwallis,   sixth   son   of fourth Barou Cornwallis ; d. 1776.
16  Second son of first  Duke   of Dorset; d. 1766. He preceded Horace Walpole as tenant  of Strawberry Hill.
17  William   Henry   Kerr   (1710-
1775), Earl of Ancratn, oldest son of third Marquis of Lothian, whom he succeeded in 1767. He served in the army, and was present at tho battles of Fontenoy and Culloden.
18  John Ashburnlmm (1726-1812), second Earl of Ashburnliam; Banger of St. James's and Hyde Parks, 1753-62 ; Keeper of the Great Wardrobe, 1765-75;   Groom of the Stole   and First Lord of the  Bedchamber to George III, 1776-82.
19  Thomas   Howard   (oirc.   1714-1763), Lord Howard,  eldest son  of first Earl of Emngham, whom ho succeeded in 1743. He became Deputy Earl Marshal in 1743.
20    James    Tuchet     (1723-1769), seventh Earl of Castleliaven.
21  Charles (1720-1812), natural son of General Charles Churchill;   by Mrs. Oldfield, the actress; sometime M.P. for Stockbridga ; m. (1746) Lady Mary Walpole, natural daughter of the Prime Minister.
22  Probably Hon. Q-oorge and Hon. Charles Townshend.      See note on letter to Mann, Jan. 14, 1746, and note on letter to Montagu, May 18, 1749.
23  Hon.   Eobert   Carteret   (1721-1776), styled Lord Carteret, 1744-63, only surviving son of second Baron Carteret   (afterwards   second   Earl Granville), whom lie   succeeded in 1763.
2i Sir  William  Boothby,  fourth Baronet; d. 1787.